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Contact: [email protected]

and to mail all at once in Mailing List: [email protected]

Clarity and Objectives:

There are various Practices: 
Technology, Industry,  Services, Product Engineering Practices.

As the word suggests, Practice means where we can work on and work on our dream projects and ideas while building an Environment for Faster Learning and results. This will stand a facility to help provide all the apparatus as and when financially suitable.

Also this Initiative Promotes "Crowd Sourcing" and "Crowd Funding" as far as there are no Legal Bindings. None of your work will ever be claimed as  ADLABS or any other Partner Involved until and unless it is legally or by an agreement owned by respective Group Member.

This initiative based in Pune and will serve in multiple physical places in Pune.

Disclaimer: This is purely a community initiative and needs everyone to create right environment to help each other.
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