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What a Mentee need to know about Mentoring
Most of the hottest, upcoming startups have one thing in common - a great mentor!

A good mentor adds a whole new dimension to a fledgling business. A mentor gives sound advice, has valued experience to share, is a combination of advisor and friend and is wired to help entrepreneurs. It’s not just getting one that matters; you’ll also want to build a lasting relationship.

Choose a mentor with relevant experience and fitmentCancel meetings or sessions with the mentor at the last minute
Communicate clearly your ideas, value proposition, product, solution, business plan, in advanceTake undue advantage of mentor's time
Focus on specific challenge or a goal and drive the discussion focused on it Expect the mentor to make decisions for you
Prepare well and make the best use of the time givenViolate confidentiality, discuss inappropriate subject and do anything unethical

At NEN, we are excited to watch you take on global markets with your creativity, business acumen and vision! We hope to help you through this journey with our Mentoring and Support Programs. 
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From short videos, blogs to events and webinars, there's plenty for entrepreneurs keen on arming themselves with formidable skill sets required for business success. Take a look at our learning resources.

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