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Open Source Practices


  • Automation (Ansible, Bash, Perl, and more)
  • Big data (a focus on science, automation)
  • Careers in open source tech (your experience, tips, and more)
  • Cloud (OpenStack, Kubernetes, and more)
  • Command line (tools tutorials)
  • DevOps (tutorials, tips, and more)
  • Getting Started with... (an open source tool, program, or group)
  • IoT (Home automation, Industrial IoT and more)
  • Linux (tools, tutorials, and more)
  • Machine learning / AI
  • My open source story / My Linux story (your personal experience)
  • Open source alternatives for... (ex. email, notetaking, etc.)
  • Open hardware (tutorials with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and more)
  • Open source productivity tools
  • Programming (Go, TensorFlow, Perl, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, Rust, and more)
  • Systems monitoring (sysadmin tools, tips, and more)

Inspired by: https://opensource.com/article/18/1/editorial-topics-2018
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